Monday, December 30, 2013

On The Sidelines For Q4......

Watching football this weekend, I couldn't help but take special notice of the injured players on the sidelines, who had to just sit or stand there, and watch their colleagues battle it out on the field to see who made the playoffs and who didn't.

It had to be especially painful in the fourth quarter.   Knowing that if they had only be capable of playing they could have made a difference.

It's tough when you're capable of making big plays, to be sidelined at this time of year.

The same can be said for skilled sales professionals, who, because of the economy and corporate layoffs or re-organizations, find themselves on the sidelines this Q4.   For me personally, it is the first time in my sales career, that I haven't felt that adrenaline rush from closing that impossible deal with just minutes left on the clock.   Anyone who's ever had a quota, knows that the countdown started in October and picked up speed in November, peeks in December and doesn't let you come up for breath until you've carried that quota ball, across the goal line.  And now that I'm on the sidelines for the first time in my sales career, I miss that adrenaline rush and that sense of accomplishment that comes from executing according to plan.

I want back in the game.

There was one player on the field Sunday, that drew most of my attention.    Aaron Rodgers who had been sidelined for several weeks from a collarbone injury, proved that a skilled professional can come back from being sidelined and contribute in a major way to his team's victory.  Rodger's success on the field, showed everyone that instead of focusing on his injury, he worked out, studied and practiced until he could return.   He stayed sharp.  He stayed focused.  He didn't lose his edge or one ounce of his competitive drive.  In fact, on Sunday, Rodgers came back to defeat the very team that sidelined him earlier this year in week 9 of the season.

Sidelined sales professionals must do the same.   Focus and plan for your return rather than dwell on the situation that sidelined you.   You'll never be able to correct the past, but your choices and your attitude today, will go a long way in determining just how long you will continue to be sidelined, and just how bright your future career will be.

Thanks Aaron, for proving that comebacks from the sidelines are possible.

"It was a very good learning experience for me.  You can learn from your experience and improve."        -    Aaron Rodgers

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