Friday, February 21, 2014

Sales Instinct. Some are born with it. Some are not. (February 21)

Sales Instinct.    That unique quality that allows some to spot a sales opportunity where others just walk right by.   Some have the courage to sell something that has been sold the same way for years, in a new way.  Their bold initiative catches their competition off guard, completely, as they rocket their way to sales success.

If you're in sales, you know doubt have experienced that "aha" moment.   Sometimes through planning, sometimes by sheer luck of being at the right place, at the right time, with the right product.  The fit is so amazing, the sale is so easy, and you discover that it's repeatable.  You have your very own gold-veined sales niche, that no one else knows about.  Yet.

You also know that your time in the niche, alone, will be limited.   It won't be long before others with keen sales instinct, will sniff out your success, identify your niche, and bring competition to, what formerly what was just your turf.

That, no doubt, is what is going to happen to Danielle Lei in the near future.   Lei,  a thirteen-year-old Girl Scout found a new, successful way to sell Girl Scout cookies earlier this week.   She set up shop outside a medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco.  This ingenuity resulted in her successfully selling 117 boxes of cookies in just under two hours.

Unfortunately for Danielle, the local media caught wind of her success and aired her story.  I've got the feeling, considering the content, that national coverage won't be far behind.  Very soon, thousands of competitors, selling into Danielle's same niche, will be sweetly salivating about similar success.  Her niche will be her's alone no longer.

The lesson here is obvious.   If a thirteen-year-old girl can come up with something so unique and so revolutionary in the almost mundane business of selling Girl Guide Cookies; what are you going to do today to revolutionize what you're selling?

Thanks Danielle!   You've given a lot of sales professionals a smile, and a bit of a wake-up call first thing on a Friday morning!

The entire story of Danielle's success can be read here: