Monday, December 31, 2007

The SalesRoundup Podcast

I am a strong believer in continuous learning. It is your biggest weapon you have to fight against professional obsolescence which in the software industry can occur quite quickly.

Gone are the days when one could sit back and trust your career development and training to the company you work for. You need to take personal responsibility and ensure that you spend a certain amount of time each week to improving yourself as a sales professional. You can attend training classes, read books, read blogs or even listen to podcasts on your iPod while working out in the morning! True multi-tasking!

One of my favorite podcasts is the SalesRoundup Podcast.

With each episode they cover a different topic and are sure to be featured in plenty of future posts of this blog. Their current episode is numbered 115 and is entitled "Don't Be a Scrooge! Holiday Gift Giving for Salespeople." Let me emphasize the number 115. By going to their site you can download 115 different episodes of sales educational content for free! This isn't dry material either. Both Joe and Mike have a great sense of humour that makes learning fun!

How valuable is that?

Joe and Mike (the producers and owners of The SalesRoundup) have their own espisode newsletter that's very informative and sent out on a weekly basis. When you sign up for their newsletter you have the opportunity of putting down the email address of who referred you. Since they have a great prize pack each quarter for the individual who refers the most new subscribers to their free newsletter would you mind using my email address?

Just once I'd like to win their prize pack!

James Gingerich

Blazing A Trail

When most people think of a "salesperson" the image that comes to mind is often that of WKRP's Herb Tarlek ( or worse. Some people turn to internet shopping just to avoid the hassle of dealing with salespeople.

This blog is dedicated to sales professionals in the software industry. Those of us who battle our quotas every quarter while struggling to keep up with our industry, our company, our products, our competition, our customers' satisfaction and our prospects' expectations.

This blog will contain tidbits of valuable information gained through first hand experience, research and reflection. The intent is to provide a path that others may follow towards professional improvement and larger commission checks!

May you learn as much from this blog as I have learned from the mentors I have had the fortune to have met along the path my career has taken to date. This is my personal way of giving back to a community that has been very good to me.

James Gingerich