Monday, December 31, 2007

Blazing A Trail

When most people think of a "salesperson" the image that comes to mind is often that of WKRP's Herb Tarlek ( or worse. Some people turn to internet shopping just to avoid the hassle of dealing with salespeople.

This blog is dedicated to sales professionals in the software industry. Those of us who battle our quotas every quarter while struggling to keep up with our industry, our company, our products, our competition, our customers' satisfaction and our prospects' expectations.

This blog will contain tidbits of valuable information gained through first hand experience, research and reflection. The intent is to provide a path that others may follow towards professional improvement and larger commission checks!

May you learn as much from this blog as I have learned from the mentors I have had the fortune to have met along the path my career has taken to date. This is my personal way of giving back to a community that has been very good to me.

James Gingerich

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